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Andorra's Sources

Andorra is described as a mountainy country. So as a result, only 2 percent of the land area of Andorra is suitable for agriculture. But although it is only 2 percent, it is helping in the economy of Andorra. Hay, vegetables, cereals and barley are grown in Andorra. But mostly, hay is grown in Andorra to feed the animals because they lack of sunlight because the location of Andorra is northward facing the slopes that makes the place too cold for agriculture. But most of the foods there are imported from other countries. While in the industry, tobacco is the largest export of Andorra because they are grown on the best lands in Andorra. And another industry in Andorra is furniture making and cattle raising. And lastly is tourism, many people goes to Andorra for the weather and also for skiing. Andorra may be small but there are a lot of things in store for tourists. And their industries just fit right for a small country.

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